Aweh! is a subscription service for fresh produce grown locally within commercial office spaces.
Currently much of our produce is grown far from where we live. From the moment it’s picked, the average supermarket apple takes 9 months to reach store shelves. Such long transport lines not only favor a food’s longevity over quality, but contribute greatly to our overall carbon footprint through the burning of fossil fuels.

What if the produce we regularly eat could come from our immediate environment, from within our cities?

Available land in cities is scarce and expensive. When space is limited, single-purpose functionality is an unaffordable luxury. So where are we being inefficient with space that could also benefit from the addition of plants? Offices.
Given average working hours, offices are unoccupied for over 75% of the week. Additionally the number one public health risk is indoor air pollution with 5-70 times more carcinogens than the outdoors. Top that off with their often sterile interior design, and you’ve got the antithesis of a healthy productive work environment.

The Aweh! Service:

  1. Modular garden units are installed in offices where space is underutilized: windows, ceilings, columns, etc.

  2. Variety of plants are grown for a) consumption, b) filtering indoor air and c) improving employee productivity and focus.

  3. Edible plants are harvested and placed in boxes.

  4. Fresh produce boxes are delivered to customers: often within the very office in which the produce was grown