Augmented Thinking was a startup I cofounded with two colleagues in 2018. Our vision was to accelerate our transition towards a planet-centric future that is truly sustainable across all industries. In order to achieve this we identified the process of creative problem solving itself as a major opportunity and leverage point. Our mission was to make this process frictionless with the help of a smart innovation assistant, Neua – smart workspace for creating and taking forward cutting-edge ideas. Simply put down your thoughts, and Neu guides you through the design thinking process, recommending inspiring content as you go.

Our initial work was the subject of our master's thesis while at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Upon graduating we continued our efforts as a startup based in Berlin. We were accepted into Atomleap's High-Tech SeedLab – a six month accelerator that provides research teams with training and financial support to help successfully launch their businesses. We closed up shop at the end of 2019 due to a deterioration in team dynamics stemming from a variety of pressures common to startups. Overall, I have no regrets and found the experience intellectually stimulating and educationally rewarding.

My role was multifaceted . When appearances required c-suite labels, mine was the CEO. I collaborated with my colleagues on research, experience design, interface design, prototyping, user testing, roadmapping, and product strategy. I also crafted the narrative and design for our pitch decks and was our lead presenter.


The Right Inspiration Can Spark Innovation Breakthroughs

"We're the Airbnb of [insert industry of choice]." Most innovations aren't entirely new but built upon those that came before it. That's why inspiration is so critical. We learn how others have solved similar problems, and discover how their technologies, strategies or business models could be applied to our own challenges.


Searching for Relevant Inspiration Is Time-Consuming Or Ineffective

Innovation can be created in virtually any field, you cannot simply google "all cool innovation projects out there." Many are relatively unknown and lost within the jungle of the internet. Others are locked away within paywalled databases.



How might we accelerate innovation by providing key inspiration that sparks breakthroughs during the creative process?


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Final Pitch Deck for Presenting Live


Neu: The Digital Workspace with an Integrated Innovation Assistant

Neu is an innovation assistant - a smart workspace for creating and taking forward cutting-edge ideas. Simply put down your thoughts, and Neu guides you through the design thinking process, recommending inspiring content as you go.

The Digital Workspace with Embedded Access to Innovation Building Blocks

A Mind-Blowing Library of Innovations

A database of 3000+ inspiring innovations and tools for creative problem-solving. Learn best practises and move faster from concept to prototype.


A "Notion Meets Miro" Digital Workspace

Delightfully intuitive and flexible workspaces that are designed specifically for creative work.


Key Inspiration Delivered Directly In Your Workspace

The power of collective intelligence. Based on what you write, the innovation assistant will recommend matching solutions, tools, technologies, etc.


Social Media Campaign

We launched a social media campaign to attract new users. Each video showcased a successful innovation – summarizing the main problem, approach and solution – and ended with the slogan "Unleash Your Creative Genius," promising that anyone could be as innovative with the help of our platform.

Approach – Master's Thesis

User Research

Journey Mapping

Prototyping and Testing

Approach – Startup

User Research

Wizard of Oz Prototyping Using Miro

More Case Studies

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